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Allied Insurance, is a Nationwide Insurance Company ("Nationwide is on your side"). Nationwide Insurance is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world. 

Allied Insurance offers homeowner's insurance in  most states including California.  Click the button below for a home owners insurance quote


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Allied Insurance also offers multi-line insurance policies with big discounts when bundled. Not all companies sell insurance bundles or multi-line insurance however. When it comes to this type of coverage, the Allied  Insurance company offer some of the lowest discounts in the industry.  Call or click today to get quotes on  home insurance bundles from Allied Insurance and other affordable California insurance products.



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Auto & Home Insurance Bundles

When you bind more than one line of insurance to a single multi-line insurance policy it demonstrates to your home insurance provider that you have more to lose than just any teenage mustang-driver. The more you have to lose, the less of a risk you pose to the coffers of the company, and as somebody buying insurance that means lower insurance premiums.

What Else Do I Get From Insurance Bundles?

When you choose Allied Insurance, discounts on insurance bundles are not enough. 

A special program known as Allied Extra offers even more top-notch customer services as part of an auto & home insurance bundle package. Read more below about Allied Extra and the benefits that purchasing a multi-line insurance policy might offer you:

    • A single deductible - pay just one deductible for a covered claim when both your home and auto are affected by the same event. 
    • Bonus emergency lockout coverage – we'll cover locksmith charges if you're locked out of your home or car. 
    • Bonus airbag replacement – if your airbag deploys accidentally, we'll pay to get you a new one. 
    • Bonus accidental death benefit – we'll pay $10,000 in the event of your death from a covered accident involving your auto.

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Homeowner's Liability Insurance 

Homeowner's liability insurance helps protect you if someone makes a claim of bodily injury or property damage against you or your family. The protection included by an Allied homeowner's liability insurance policy extends to the actions of you, your children, and any pets or dependents either on or off of your property.

Your Allied homeowners liability insurance will protect you against:

    • Claims for bodily injury to others on or off your property
    • Claims for property damage
    • Liability defense costs
    • Medical expenses for injuries to others
    • Important extras

Property Damage

Beyond the basic benefits of a liability insurance policy for your home or apartment, when you have Allied homeowners insurance you will receive important extra coverage that will pay for property damage and extra expenses such as:

    • Additional living expenses when a covered loss makes your home uninhabitable
    • Debris removal after a covered loss
    • Repairs to protect your property from further damage after a covered loss
    • Replacement trees, shrubs, plants or lawn destroyed from a covered loss
    • Fire department service charges to save or protect your property after a covered loss
    • Coverage for forgery and counterfeit money and for a covered unauthorized use of credit cards and fund transfer cards
    • Coverage for a second home or rental unit
    • If you need to protect a non-primary residence like a seasonal home or a house that's under construction, Allied dwelling fire insurance may be right for you.


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Apartment & Renter Insurance

Many people do not know that when you live in an apartment, your landlord's apartment insurance policy does not provide any coverage for your belongings or the state of your apartment besides structural problems.

Because your valuables are just as valuable in a rental unit as they would be in a mansion, California apartment or rental insurance is a great idea. Renters insurance doesn't just cover property, it covers people too. 

Renters or apartment insurance provide the same level of homeowner's liability coverage that any home insurance policy would, which means that household accidents or disrepair that could cause bodily injury or property damage will be covered.


Discounts & BIlling Options

When you choose Allied for your California apartment insurance coverage you'll enjoy our superior claims service, competitive rates and customizable coverage options. We can even set you up on a variety of payment plans that fit your budget and policy.

You may qualify for some of the apartment insurance discounts listed below in addition to Allied's huge auto & home insurance bundles:

Gated community discount: Save when you live in a gated community.

Protective device discount: Earn a discount for having smoke detectors, fire alarms, a security system or other qualifying devices in your home.

Claims-free discount: Get a discount based on the length of time that you're claims-free and how long you've been an Allied customer.


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