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Home Liability Insurance | Apartment, Condominium, House

Home liability insurance is a coverage option which protects people from household accidents and personal liability that could otherwise lead to financial or legal problems. 


This coverage helps mommy enjoy trampoline time more.


What Is Home Liability Insurance?

A home liability insurance policy protects your wallet from bodily injuries and property damage  suffered by others as a result of the actions of yourself or your dependents either on or off of the property mentioned in the policy.

Without homeowners liability insurance, any person that gets hurt on your property or has some personal effects damaged or destroyed by your actions there can sue you legally for monetary compensation.

That means anybody who falls down in your entry way and breaks their ipad could technically sue you for damages and win in court. They would be awarded damages for both bodily injuries and property damage claims if you had failed to purchase homeowners liability insurance.

This type of protection will also protect you from paying for bodily injuries your children or pets may cause others while they are away from home.